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Close Protection is the term that's used within the security industry to describe the physical protection of an individual who's at risk. Our close protection officer’s role is to establish and maintain a safe environment which a client can live and work whilst continually minimizing the risk. We will protect his life, image and reputation. EVERGUARD provides highly trained and experienced high/low profile close protection operatives for the corporate and entertainment industries. Our operatives will listen, assist and advise to ensure our client's security requirements are met at all times.  Uniformed, suited or unseen, our specially trained Close Protection officers provide cover at home and on the move. We will plan routes, prepare venues and ensure the day runs smoothly.

Our bodyguards are trained to the highest professional standards. All our staff must undergo a basic training program which includes managing workplace violence, techniques in close protection, conflict management, evacuation procedures and route selection. All our operatives must have good communication skills and a high level of self discipline, needed for bodyguards.

Our close protection services include :

•    Residential security teams

Residential Security is a vital component in protecting a Client’s overall interests whether they are in the residence or not.
Residential security can be highly visual or as discreet as you instruct and we can be on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When undertaken by an expert is an effective deterrent and provides our Clients with absolute piece of mind, comfort and reassurance.
Our duties include access control, CCTV monitoring and mail screening.

•    Close protection escorts

Our Personal Security Escorts will compliment the image that you require. All are very well presented and will be dressed appropriately to suit the business or activities of the day.
 Personal Security Escorts work individually or as a team. Individual Security Escorts usually work closely with a Client and can be on hand 24 hours a day to assist with any security related matter.
Our Close Protection Personal Escorts can travel with you to any destination in the island.

•    Advance security teams

Our Advance Specialists provide detailed plans and conduct extensive research to enable our Clients to travel with confidence that security matters are addressed and that schedule is not affected.

The duties for Advanced Team Members are varied and can change with each assignment, but to offer some guidance their duties may include:

Construct travel and routing plans to ensure safety in travel.
Develop secondary travel routes in case of emergencies.
Construct threat/risk assessment profiles for the main security team.
Ensure that hotels are of the right standard and have the right facilities for our Clients.
Check bookings at hotels.
Arrange that checking-in at hotels and airports is swift.
Ensure that vehicle bookings are correct, on time and right for the assignment.

•    Security drivers

  We can offer you a fully trained and experienced security driver to escort you to your business meeting, social engagements and to and from your place of residence. Our drivers are trained in route planning, anti-hijacking and offensive and defensive driving as well as close protection. We also offer this service to your family for social and domestic needs as well as escorting your children to and from school and all activities.




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