Constraction Site Security

Construction sites are an attractive target for would be thieves. Theft and vandalism at construction sites in Cyprus have increase the last five years according to police reports. Construction site security is still not always classed as a high priority and for this reason thieves find a construction site a very easy and profitable target. A construction site is a treasure for would be criminals end equipment can be sold  very quickly.

Varied duties of our Security Guards include (but are not limited to):
•    Access control
•    Patrolling
•    Checking identification as people enter the site.
•    Deterring crime.
•    Locking unlock doors.
•     Supervising workers as they leave the site.
•    Co-operating with the police and the management
•    Searching thoroughly the area when anything unusual is notice.
•    Ensuring a safe work place by identifying hazards and taking correct action.

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