Door Supervisors

Door Supervisors can often be the difference between a venue which is successful and one which is struggling to attract the right type of customer.
You will know better than most how important it is to provide your customers with a safe and secure environment. Protecting the health and safety of your employees and people who enter your venue is paramount which is why EVERGUARD can provide you with fully trained and regulated security staff to ensure you, your staff, your premises and your customers have a safe and healthy environment that will make your venue stand out from your competitors for all the right reasons.
Varied duties of our door supervisors are :
• To provide access control for a busy venue and to screen clients who may wish to enter.

• To check ID to ensure that each person entering is legally old enough to enter.

• To check that the clientele are dressed according to the standards of the venue, and that they are not impaired by drink or drugs.

• To monitor on a regular basis whether the patrons inside the venue are behaving appropriately, and to keep fire exits and walkways clear at all times.

• To refuse admittance to those who have previously caused trouble inside your venue or have been known to use or deal in drugs.

 Door supervisor's goal is to ensure public safety as well as ensuring everyone has a good time. We are not only there for security but to assist customers wherever possible.




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