Security Consultancy

Even if you have had security measures in place for many years and believe you’ve covered all the bases, it pays to have an independent security audit. From government buildings to shopping malls, offices and factories to hotels and private homes, we will offer you a detailed on site examination and analysis of premises to ascertain the effectiveness and condition of existing protective measures and activities, to identify exposures and to make appropriate recommendations to reduce risk.

 We will:
•    Identify weaknesses in your physical and procedural security systems
•    Review access controls and CCTV measures
•    Examine accident prevention measures
•    Look at the safety of staff, visitors and clients
•    Assess and act to protect assets both tangible and intangible
On our evaluations we follow the below steps:
1)    Understand the  business
2)    Carry out risk analysis
3)    Evaluate existing protective measures
4)    Evaluate options of increasing protection
We offer:
•     Security survey and design
•    Risk and threat assessments
•     Security audits
•    Crisis and evacuation planning

A crime will be committed in a situation where a suitably motivated offender finds a suitable target of crime in the absence of effective control

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